A little bit of my academic and professional career:


Senior art director at AUDAZ, Americana, Brazil
My main responsibility for the past three years at AUDAZ was to be the senior designer and art director of one of the most important accounts at the company, the Johnson & Johson VISION branch, particularly the ACUVUE contact lenses brand. I and my team were responsible for the brand communication on three fronts: point-of-sales campaigns and promotion, trade marketing and communication for Eye Care Professionals. During the period I worked with ACUVUE, the brand reached an all-time record market share in Brazil. It also won 3 James E. Burke Awards, a prestigious award given by Johnson & Johnson to its different branches for outstanding achievements in marketing.

In my time working at Audaz, I won two local design awards, the company grew from around 25 to 65 employees and went from a 500 m2 to a 1600 m2 building. I've also worked on diverse projects of design and advertising for different global and local clients such as Johnson & Johnson Medical, Bosch Power Tools, Bosch Car Service, TRW Automotive, ZF Automotive, Oxford University Press, Movile, Kacyumara Industries and others.


Postgraduate Studies in Graphic Design at SENAC, Campinas, Brazil
Bachelor degree in Advertising at UNIMEP, Piracicaba, Brazil

A little bit of my knowledge:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator,
Adobe Lightroom, Adobe XD, Adobe Dimension.

Professional proficiency
Elementary proficiency

Graphic design, editorial design, brand design, design thinking, branding
art direction, digital retouch, advertising, storytelling, typography.

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